About Zariah Donovan

Meet little Zariah Donovan who was born September 13th, 2015.


She has two incredible parents- Shawn Donovan and Vilayvone Thipsouvan.

She came into this world 16 weeks early only weighing 1lb 6oz.   She was so little that 2 hospitals actually turned Zariah and family away as they don’t view births before 24 weeks as viable.  They wouldn’t provide life support if it was needed, and it was going to be needed.  It took an emergency ambulance ride, and a Life Flight to get Vilayone, Shawn, and Zariah to a hospital that would finally take them in for the delivery.

Zariah was born at the University of Utah Hospital in the Primary Children’s Hospital.  The staff has been amazing from Day 1—and words can’t describe how blessed Zariah’s family feels for having met such incredible nurses, doctors, and staff at such a pivotal time in Zariah’s life.

Life…it is a funny word.  It is said so simply, but means so much.  Take a look at Zariah who in such a short period of time has defined what fighting for life looks like.  The fight started the moment she was turned away from hospital #1 for not being viewed at as viable.  The fight continued during the delivery as it took doctors 8 minutes to revive and get Zariah breathing.  She fought beautifully during her first few weeks doing everything she could to gain weight, and develop her little body.  Zariah has fought a fight that would take the strongest of us to our knees.  It would push the most enduring of us to give in.  She has truly defined strength, and the will to be alive.  I would love to say that after a few weeks Zariah got on a track that led to a steady recovery, and that she is now home with her parents.  I can not… She is still with the loving staff of Primary Children’s Hospital.

Zariah has had many road blocks over the last few months, and most recently has hit her biggest challenge yet.  She is on a ventilator currently as she has suffered from a partially collapsed lung, and expanded lung at the same time.  Her body has taken on so much, but she lives on.  Her heart beats, and her eyes are seeing everything that is happening.  Zariah fights for life daily.

We are reaching out to those that want to help in this fight, and partner with Zariah as she strives each day to get better.  Zariah’s parents are committed to doing everything it takes, and I know that all of those that love her feel the same way.  In the recent incidents that have happened involving her lungs Zariah has shown significant improvement during the nights that both her parents are in the room providing skin to skin contact.  This can be challenging though as they both have jobs, and must work in order to keep insurance.  They must also pay for the daily bills, put gas in the car, and food on the table for their other daughter who’s watching her baby sister fight.  It is agonizing for them when they both have to leave, and can’t be there to give her the absolute best shot at recovery.

So it is simple… We are asking on behalf of Shawn, Vilayvone, and Zariah that you help them in this effort.  Give them the ability to ensure that Zariah is never alone in that hospital room.  Let’s ensure that Zariah can hear loving voices.  She can feel warm skin, and the loving embraces of family.   Let’s embrace a family that has shown so many what strength, faith, endurance, and love truly means.

By raising this month we give Zariah that ability to not be alone, and give her family the support they need during this time of true emotional, mental, and financial strain.

Partner with us to make this happen—I know we all have our own struggles, and burdens that I pray you find peace with.  I also know that this world is a better place when we give to others, and improve life for those around us.  If you are able to donate to this Fight For Life we thank you… $1, $5, or whatever you feel is on your heart.  It will be appreciated and go directly to support Zariah.

Join us and get in the corner as we fight daily to ensure this beautiful baby girl gets to experience all that this beautiful world has to offer.

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