I wanted to share my friend Shawn Donovan story with you all. For the last 10 plus months him and his wife have lived at the hospital with their daughter that was born only half way through the pregnancy.
I have watched their up and down struggle with trying to do everything to make sure Zariah can make it and have a healthy life. With many close calls and lots of no sleep etc.
They love their daughter so much and have done everything they can. They got blessed to get to transfer her to a hospital that she has a lot higher chance of survival but to do that they had to move them and their other toddler to another state and quit their jobs.
Their love and dedication for their baby girl is remarkable. As you can imagine they are going through so much emotionally and financially. I just wanted to share their story in the hopes to build awareness for those going through these same struggles and to ask for any help anyone is willing to give.
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Thank you and God bless!



Zariah’s mother went into labor at 23 weeks. She had to transfer hospitals twice before they found a hospital who would revive her baby girl after delivery since most hospitals do not consider a baby vital until 24 weeks. Zariah is now 9 months old and still in the NICU and her lungs are still sick. Although she can recover from her chronic lung disease, Allegedly there may be a political effort in trying to STOP LIFE SUPPORT.

Please share her story so that we can bring awareness to Zariah’s fight for life.