The Challenges

From the  elevated stress level when a life is on the line to how you are going to pay your bills, or even keep your job going, many of theses factors play a big part of having a baby in the NICU unit.

There are levels of NICU that exceed to a level 4 depending on what type of care needed for your child.

A Level III NICU provides advanced care for premature, low birth-weight and critically ill infants. NICUs are categorized into Level I (normal newborn infants requiring additional nursing care), Level II (moderately ill infants) and Level III, for the most complex and severely ill babies.

If you can imagine being on a championship football team that has had a winning history and the fans expect them to win every time there’s a game.

In the course of the game all it takes is a few fumbles, interceptions and a few not focusing or having their head in the game and a winning team can quickly turn to the opposite.


The same is similar in the NICU care unit, although the ramifications are not a lost game its possibly a lost child.

People might be texting, socializing in the hall, doing homework, or even dozing off, there may be too much expectation put on the electronic alarm systems which if they malfunction the outcome could be disastrous.

In the NICU time is critical every breath is important and so is being on your game.

If you have a primary care physician that is overseeing the outcome and is familiar with the patient it can run very smoothly even the demeanor of the hospital staff affects the baby’s progression.

Our technology changes daily and it is very important for the hospitals to share and compare information in the best interest of the patient.

And most importantly it is important to support your husband or wife with positive energy and rest assurance as this time will test the strength of your relationship many times over.


So to be a member of the top 10 Hospitals in the Nation that are  mentioned here it can quickly change if the entire staff does not have their head in the game at all times when your dealing with something as critical as a NICU infant.



The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is where your newborn will stay for days, weeks, or possibly longer, depending on the baby’s degree of prematurity. This department or area in the hospital is where hospital staff care for newborns who have medical complications, or babies who have been born prematurely.

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